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Are you looking for a good deal on anĀ Apartment Complex?

Let me hand off-market, apartment complex deals to you on a silver platter!

Hi! My name is Nick Graff. I have been in Real Estate since I was a kid: watching my Dad form a syndication with 160 properties.

Today, I specialize in helping investors acquire apartment complexes around America for the right price and in the right location.

I focus on off-market apartment complexes and also work with other brokers to source deals.

If multi-family is part of your business, read on!

I am out looking for apartment deals every day. That is all I do! You can call me a broker, you can call me a birddog, a JV partner, whatever you want; just don’t call me late to deals!

I use direct mail, cold calling, internet marketing, networking, and utilize relationships to bring good commercial deals to my buyers. I work with banks and have closed short sales!

I understand that you get bombarded with solicitations, time-wasters, and un-proven, fly-by-night deal finders and I promise to respect your valuable time.

I am all about the relationships!!!

This is a very volatile time in the market and I want to form some key relationships with just a few real buyers who will buy all of my deals. I want to prove to you that I am good at that and don’t waste your time with junk.

Some other reasons I will be a great resource for you:

  • I am a CCIM and have access to key information
  • I have been an apartment broker since 2002
  • Experience in analyzing markets
  • Experience with highest and best use
  • Prefer to get out of the way so you can work direct with decision makers
  • Experience in ownership and management
  • Have watched my Dad flip a 126 unit apartment building successfully and have done a couple small rehabs myself

You have nothing to lose. My service is free to join and if you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe. Join me today so that we can help each other close more deals!!!

If you are a cash buyer with specific criteria, click here to schedule a call so that I can start finding deals for you right away.

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